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Detailed Syllabus of SEO Course

Chapter 1. Understanding Search Engines


a) Meaning of Search Engines
b) How Search Engine Index and Rank Pages
c) Types of Search Engines
d) Web Crawling, Indexing, Searching, and Penalization policies of
search engines
e) Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines —Competitive Analysis
f) Difference between ethical and Organic search engine results


Chapter 2. Introduction and Overview of Search Engine Optimization


a) Meaning of Search engine Optimization
b) Difference between Off page and On page optimization
c) Difference between SEO, SEM and PPC
d) Geo Targeting
e) How to do Competitive analysis of sites
f) How SEO grow your business


Chapter 3. Website Structuring


a) Difference between static and dynamic websites
b) Basics of html
c) Search engine compatible designing
d) Selection of keyword enriched domain names
e) Directory and URL structuring
f) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
g) Page File Extensions
h) Navigation Menus
i) Server Side Includes (SSI)


Chapter 4.  Search engine friendly content writing


a) Latent Semantic Indexing and SEO
a) Incorporating Keyword into your Content Pages
b) Creating H1, H2….within Content
c) How to frequently add content to your site.
e) Why content is the king?
f) Disadvantage of using Duplicate content.


Chapter 5. Keyword Research and Analysis


a) Choosing the right keywords
b) Keyword Density, Keyword prominence and Keyword proximity
c) Keywords in URL and File names
d) Keywords in Meta Tag.
e) Keywords in Headings and Images.
f) Google adword tool, word tracker tool and other useful keyword research tools


Chapter 6. Onpage Optimization


a) Title Optimization
b) Meta Tag Optimization
c) Important HTML Tags
d) Keyword Optimization and synonyms
e) Link Optimization
f) Image Optimization
g) Creation of HTML and XML Sitemaps
h) Robots.txt creation and implementation
i) W3C validation


Chapter 7. Three types of SEO Techniques


a) White Hat SEO
b) Grey Hat


Chapter 8. Offpage Optimization


a) Directory Submission
b) Article writing and Submissions
c) Blog writing and submissions
d) Writing Blog and forum comments
e) Press Release Submissions
f) Classified Postings
g)Guest Posting
h)Blog Commenting

Chapter 9. Link Popularity — Crux of Search Engine optimization


a) Inbound and outbound Links
b) Backward links
c) Textual and banner links
d) Important factors influencing Link popularity
e) Links to avoid
f) Free link popularity tools
g) One way, reciprocal and three way link building
h) Link baiting, paid links.


Chapter 10. Social Media Marketing


a) Getting traffic using twitter, facebook, linkadin
b) Digg, furl, stumble upon and other social sites
c) Benefits of Social media marketing
d) Viral Marketing
e) RSS and Atom feed syndication


Chapter 11. Google


a) Brief history of google
b) Google algorithms
c) Google page rank
d) How google indexed and rank pages
e) Competitive analysis of google, yahoo and MSN
f) brief introduction Google Adsense and Google Adwords


Chapter 12. Miscellaneous SEO Activities


a) Image and video optimization
b) Optimizing site using javascript,flash,frames and CSS.
c) Optimizing animated and flash movies
d) How to use Canonical URLS
e) Paid Ad submissions
f) Using Do follow and no follow tags


Chapter 13. Major SEO Tools


a) Google Analytics tool
b) Google Webmaster tool
c) Google Adword tool
d) SEO chat
e) Alexa tool bar
f) Quirk biz tool
g) Yahoo and MSN Webmaster tool
h) Google Disavow Tool


Chapter 14. Common SEO Mistakes


a) Keyword stuffing
b) Doorway pages and Hidden text
c) Duplicate content
d) Link Spamming
e) Targeting wrong keywords


Chapter 15. Latest Google Algorithms


a) Google Panda
b) Google Penguin
c) Google Hummingbird
d) How to overcome from Google Penalties