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With increased internet penetration across devices, the future of eCommerce is getting brighter by the hour. Stay on top of your marketing game and build a sustainable source of traffic through eCommerce PPC marketing.

eCommerce is the Present and Future

eCommerce optimization is a growing necessity for entrepreneurs and merchants across the globe. Experts predict that by 2021, there will be more than 2.14 billion digital buyers globally. This is great news for online marketers. But with millions of businesses vying for consumers’ attention, how do you gain a competitive edge?


Simply having a website or social media page is no longer enough to position your brand in front of your target market. You need a holistic online marketing strategy to promote your products and services to the right audience and grow your business.


Boost your brand’s online presence and stay at the top of search results with eCommerce pay-per-click marketing.

Connect Your Brand with the Right Customers through PPC Management

Statistics show that 85 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. What’s more, 75 percent of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). This means if your target customers don’t find your brand at the top of SERPs, you are losing significant leads and sales.


With the consumers’ increasing demands and changing online behaviors, eCommerce advertising serves as the holy grail of digital marketing. eCommerce PPC is a valuable marketing channel for startups and large companies looking to boost their revenue. Even if you’re launching your business for the first time, you can still reach out to thousands of prospects on search engines through Google Shopping advertising and eCommerce ads.

The Strength of eCommerce PPC Lies in its Convenience

Many businesses choose eCommerce PPC because of its scalability and measurability. It allows you to track which eCommerce ads perform well and make adjustments to ensure optimum results. Several eCommerce advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords, Amazon Advertising and Google Shopping, aim to drive visitors to your site. These PPC channels give you the opportunity to convert page visitors into customers.


eCommerce advertising is a great way to generate qualified traffic from high-intent buyers. It allows you to:

Climb to the top of search results and attract the right customers to your site through eCommerce advertising.

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eCommerce PPC Management

Maximize Your ROI and Generate Targeted Results

Make Your Brandz Internet Marketing Agency is a reputable eCommerce advertising agency in the United States. We help businesses optimize their ads for maximum visibility, traffic and conversions. Our eCommerce ads experts utilize data tracking tools and real-time reporting systems to streamline your Google Shopping advertising and PPC campaigns. Since 2005, we’ve been helping businesses across the U.S. advance their PPC strategies for their eCommerce business and we can do the same for you.

Let us help you acquire traffic that converts. Schedule a consultation with our eCommerce advertising agency today to find out how we can help you.

eCommerce Advertising Services

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site and Earn Long-Term Customers

Keyword Research & Strategy

Understand what your target customers are searching for and tap into your potential market segments. At Make Your Brandz, we invest in Google Keyword Planner and other keyword tracking tools. These resources allow us to build your authority around high-performing search terms and niche keywords.

eCommerce SEO

We integrate the best eCommerce PPC practices with search optimization. In this way, we help you rank high on both organic and paid search results. Our eCommerce ads and SEO specialists perform audience and competition analyses, stay abreast of Google trends and updates and determine peak times for each target keyword for maximum results.

Landing Page Conversion

Increase your sales with landing pages that match your customers’ search intent. Our eCommerce PPC team creates unique landing pages for each of your ad groups. We craft comprehensive, digestible content, optimize for desktop and mobile and take a hyper-personalized approach to your landing page optimization.

eCommerce PPC Management

With the right eCommerce PPC strategy, you gain a competitive advantage without overspending. Partner with Make Your Brandz and let us help you achieve your business goals. We balance out both broad and ultra-specific keywords, bid on high-performing search terms and include transparent pricing on your ecommerce and Google Shopping ads to ramp up your sales.

Paid Advertising

Stay ahead of the curve with data-driven eCommerce advertising strategies. Our PPC experts optimize your account structure, monitor your PPC budget and create ad copies that highlight your unique selling points (USPs). In this way, we drive untapped traffic to your site at a low cos

eCommerce Web Design

Make Your Brandz is a proud member of the Shopify development community. As a full-service web design company, we build eCommerce sites tailored to your needs and demands. We optimize your checkout process, install live chat and ensure your conversion tracking is fully set up. We also use Shopify SEO to make sure your website is always found online.

eCommerce Remarketing

Augment your digital marketing campaign and boost your conversion across all online channels. We optimize your abandoned cart campaigns, re-engage with your repeat visitors and drive traffic to your product page reviews. These methods allow us to build effective remarketing campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads Optimization

Google Shopping advertising is a profitable eCommerce marketing strategy, but only a few take the time to optimize their Google Shopping ads. Our eCommerce advertising team performs extensive keyword research, creates optimized images for your feed and adjusts your bid strategies to ensure you get your desired results.

Google Showcase Shopping Ads Management

Make Your Brandz is a proud member of the Shopify development community. As a full-service web design company, we build eCommerce sites tailored to your needs and demands. We optimize your checkout process, install live chat and ensure your conversion tracking is fully set up. We also use Shopify SEO to make sure your website is always found online.

Ads A/B Split Testing

We help you determine which eCommerce ads or Google Showcase Shopping ads deliver the highest ROI for your online store. Our PPC specialists create multiple landing pages and establish split testing metrics. In this way, we determine which PPC ads convert more leads into sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

At Make Your Brandz, we implement data-driven CRO practices to increase your eCommerce and Google Shopping ads’ click-through rate (CTR). We leverage your brand’s special offers, optimize your landing pages and ad copies and implement a variety of Adwords remarketing campaigns to recapture interested buyers.

Social Media Advertising

Optimize your social media campaign and attract more followers through eCommerce advertising. We launch targeted ads, provide review responses and leverage live streaming features, social media content and videos. These practices allow us to increase your brand engagement and deliver high conversion rates.

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Faster delivery, 24/7 availability and easier return policies — these are just some of the reasons more people prefer eCommerce sites over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Boost your search visibility and position your brand in front of your target customers with eCommerce PPC management.
At Make Your Brandz, we offer the following (and more):

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