Contact Point Verification & Management System

Drive your Verification Process Faster and efficient with our solution.

How To Make CPV Process Faster?

Verification of Records / information provided by potential customers is an important and mandatory process in various industries including banking, employment, telecom etc.

This manual and labor intensive field process throws up a lot of challenges and is plagued with fraudulent activities.

In order to provide process easier and fast,CPVMS(Contact Point Verification Management System) comes with so many advancements and improves your business productivity by providing full tracking information.

Under this system there will be a complete transparency between banks/NBFCs and agencies.

How Can CPVMS Improve
Field Investigations?

We help companies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map

Eliminate Errors

CPVMS allows you to pre-program answer options, answer standards, relevant images and documents as well as mandatory answer fields, so whoever does the investigation won’t miss any important details.

Reports Availability

Using the WEB Audit module, you can save your reports on an online database that can be accessed by your clients or your internal team.Custom reports and Custom online data base allow you to take your business to the next level.


No network?no issue.Our mobile application has been developed in such a way that the field investigator can work on a site with no network connectivity.Data will be synchronized once he will come in network area.

Reduce TAT

In the process of verification,TAT is the most imporant factor and plays a crucial role in finding the authenticity of verification process.CPVMS is developed in such a way that process runs fast without any interruption.

Location Identification Through GPS

Automatic capturing of Latitude,longitude of verification location even while using offline.GPS coordinates are incorporated on Images clicked at the time of verification point visit.

Earlier Database

Drive your decisions faster with past records analysis.CPVMS provide you the flexibility of taking decisions faster about the Cases initiated in the system.Dedupe against large database across products and cities.


Real-Time Tracking

Track field investigators through the GPS coordinates provided with the mobile app and also provide information about the ongoing status of cases

Easy Customizable

CPVMS are designed in such a way that it can be customized according to your needs in a very less time. We can integrate your existing application with CPVMS very easily.


In CPVMS,everything is automated.Right from the Case initation to the final report delivery.

Earlier Database

CPVMS helps your business to determine the earlier records of particular claims,basis of which you can decide the status of claim.

Digital Signature

Cases will be completed by providing digital signature of customer or person met.


Assign and track fees, invoice, accept payments.

Infrastructure & Services

Cloud Hosted SaaS Model

We are providing you the application on SaaS(Software as-a-service) based model where in our applications will be hosted to our 24*7 available and secured cloud servers.


Up Time