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Amazon seller consulting services boost your sales through an in-depth Amazon marketing strategy analysis and customized Amazon management solutions. Make Your Brandz Internet Marketing Agency, an award-winning Amazon marketing agency, is your ideal partner in making your Amazon seller strategy reach its full potential. Achieve record-high sales with fine-tuned Amazon selling strategies, proven Amazon digital marketing techniques and Amazon optimization consulting expertise.

Boost Your Brand’s Competitive Edge

Improve Your Results With an Expert and Tactical Approach

Amazon seller consulting is a comprehensive Amazon management service and your ultimate guide to selling on Amazon. Amazon consulting involves highly-customized Amazon seller services or Amazon merchant services focused on getting you the Amazon expert help you need, exactly the way you need it.


Some sellers might require round-the-clock Amazon management services, while others need Amazon merchant services for only part of their Amazon activities. The right Amazon consulting services are flexible to your needs and help overcome the common challenges for Amazon sellers, including:

As an Amazon marketing agency, Make Your Brandz offers end-to-end Amazon management services. We help our Amazon seller management clients with issues like slow sales, decreased profits and low product visibility by improving their Amazon marketing and advertising campaign results.

With our Amazon marketing agency, you have a path forward – a clear guide to selling on Amazon and expert advice on how to sell more on Amazon. Our eCommerce expertise and Amazon marketing services address your roadblocks and enable you to achieve your business goals. Make Your Brandz’s Amazon consulting services are ideal for business owners who need help refining Amazon marketing campaigns through prepaid Amazon seller and Amazon vendor consulting time blocks.

Our Amazon experts help you maximize the tools and seller services Amazon offers, such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our Amazon consulting expertise covers all Amazon seller services you need:

Why You Need Amazon Seller Consulting Services

Build a Unique and Cost-Effective Strategy to Increase Sales

With the wide range of Amazon marketing solutions available, it’s no surprise that Amazon account management can be a monumental task. Amazon consulting experts take a tactical approach to reap the benefits of Amazon sell services while you work on your core business. Let an Amazon consultant show you how to sell more on Amazon – and what top-tier Amazon seller services can do for your Amazon store.

Seller Services Amazon Expertise

You sell more when you work with Amazon experts equipped with years of Amazon sell service experience. An Amazon expert helps you save time and resources by knowing the pitfalls to avoid and telling you what works and what doesn’t. No one knows Seller Central and Vendor Central better than Amazon consultants, so you can trust Amazon consulting services to pave the way for your eCommerce success.

Customized Amazon Selling Strategies

With the high level of competition on Amazon, a vague Amazon sell service approach won’t deliver profitable results. You need a clear direction and a targeted strategy entirely suited to your needs and goals. Amazon seller consulting services tailor-fit your strategies to your budget, specific objectives and preferred sales channels. An Amazon consultant can best help you achieve your unique business goals.

Dedicated Amazon Account Management

Account management Amazon expertise helps you take advantage of Amazon solutions while you do what you do best. With Amazon account management services, you have an Amazon specialist paying close attention to your account to ensure you are complying with all the platform’s rules. Amazon seller account management keeps your Amazon store in top shape.

Innovative Amazon Management

Amazon consultants help you stand out in a competitive marketplace through Amazon digital marketing and advertising techniques. Amazon seller management enables you to take the best and most updated approach to your Amazon strategies. Whether it’s a new Amazon product launch service or an established Amazon seller management service you need, an Amazon specialist is ready to help.

How Our Leading Amazon Consulting Agency Helps You MYB

Revamp Your Sales Plan to Win New Customers and Boost Your Bottomline

Holistic Amazon Seller Consulting

The Amazon consulting experts at Make Your Brandz have mastered every aspect of the Amazon platform through more than 15 years of experience. Our Amazon consultants have seen the platform evolve and are trained to adapt our Amazon sell services quickly, according to the best practices of today. Your Amazon account specialist sees the bigger picture and strategizes to drive meaningful results for your business.

Trusted Amazon Vendor Consulting

At MYB, we know exactly how Amazon works – and this is critical to driving profitable results for our Amazon vendors. Our well-rounded Amazon sell services allow us to give you reliable advice on working with Amazon. Some sellers confuse FBA with being an Amazon vendor, but you can trust our Amazon FBA consultant to tell you which Amazon management services are right for your brand.

Custom Amazon Marketing Strategy

We ground our Amazon sell service on a robust Amazon marketing strategy analysis and continuous Amazon marketing strategy development. Our Amazon consultants take time to get to know your unique business needs and customize a plan to meet your goals. At Make Your Brandz, we focus on driving more revenue while ensuring your strategy aligns with your values, priorities and overarching objectives.

Expert Amazon Optimization Consulting

MYB uses data-driven marketing insights to steer the strategic decisions of our Amazon experts. We harness the power of advanced analytics and tracking tools to assess your sales performance and maximize your return on investment (ROI). As an Amazon advertising agency, we focus on optimizing and split-testing your product listings, improving your rankings and winning the Amazon buy box to increase your sales.

Amazon Account Management

Trust your Amazon consultant to drive profitable results through proven Amazon seller account management techniques and vendor account management Amazon expertise. Whether you need full-time assistance or periodic account audits, our Amazon consultants work around your needs. Expect detailed reporting and specific recommendations from our Amazon experts.

Amazon Brand Management

Our Amazon brand management starts with a complete understanding of your business. Through brand research and analysis, we learn the best way to highlight your strengths and help you stand out from your competitors. Your Amazon seller consultant refines your Amazon branding strategy and uses reputation management tools to improve your online presence and brand recognition.

Amazon FBA Consulting

An Amazon FBA consultant looks at your data to help you know if working with Amazon through its FBA program is a profitable decision for your business. FBA requires you to pay extra attention to your operations to avoid any penalties or suspensions on your account. With an Amazon FBA consultant on your side, you’re ensured of seamless processes and more successful sales.

Amazon Web Services Consulting

AWS has vast cloud computing capabilities that an Amazon Web Services consultant can maximize. Find the right Amazon specialist offering Amazon Web Services consulting (AWS consulting) for businesses who use AWS products. Our AWS consulting services also cover the AWS marketplace for businesses in the information technology space. Trust your Amazon AWS consultant to find the right products for your business.

Our Amazon Consulting Experts Get Results

Attract More Customers and Improve Your Online Reach

MYB Internet Marketing Agency has propelled Amazon businesses of all sizes since 2015. We’ve earned the trust of thousands of clients through our results-driven Amazon selling strategies and account management Amazon expertise. We are your trusted guide to selling on Amazon and how to sell more on Amazon.


Here’s what our Amazon advertising agency achieved for our clients:

Customized Solutions for Your Amazon Business

Boost Your Product Rankings and Get More Clicks

Amazon Marketing Services

Drive profitable results with a full-funnel Amazon marketing strategy. Our expert approach starts with a thorough Amazon marketing strategy analysis and an assessment of your business needs. We offer specialized solutions such as an Amazon product launch service and AWS consulting services to best fit your needs. Trust your Amazon expert to identify every opportunity to grow your business.

Amazon SEO

Your Amazon optimization consultant conducts in-depth research and competitive analysis to evaluate your product visibility and create a winning strategy. We position your products to rank for high search volume and low competition keywords through Amazon listing optimization. A critical aspect of our strategy is increasing your Amazon reviews to build trust in your brand and improve your product rankings.

Amazon Advertising/PPC

The Amazon Advertising platform offers endless opportunities to promote your business, and our Amazon optimization consultant crafts cost-effective ways to do so. Our Amazon product launch service includes a well-planned advertising campaign to capture your audience’s attention and achieve the best possible results. We focus on decreasing your advertising cost of sale (ACoS) and increasing your profit margins.

Amazon Posts Management

Amazon Posts is an Amazon digital marketing tool that mimics the social media experience and creates an instantly shoppable feed for your customers. Our Amazon product launch services leverage Amazon Posts to build hype around your new products and spark your audience’s interest. We engage your followers through professional lifestyle content and compelling copywriting.

Amazon Storefront & Branding

We ensure your Amazon branding strategy breaks away from the standard product detail page layout through Amazon A+ Content. A professionally designed storefront helps showcase your products more creatively and impresses your customers. At Make Your Brandz, we implement all best practices in our content creation and ensure every creative element follows Amazon’s strict creative acceptance policies.

Amazon DSP Advertising

Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) is an excellent solution for large-scale brand campaigns. Our Amazon product launch services utilize this platform to maximize your brand exposure on and off Amazon. Your Amazon optimization consultant will help you determine the optimal DSP ad placements and budget for a high-performing Amazon DSP advertising campaign.

Why Choose MYB for Amazon Seller Consulting

Increase Your Profits and Stay on the Path to Success

Award-Winning Amazon Agency

Working with our full-service Amazon advertising agency, you get Amazon consulting expertise recognized by reputable industry professionals. Our Amazon agency becomes an extension of your team and shares the same passion for growing your business. You can rely on our Amazon experts to execute a fully customized strategy and bring in more sales.

Well-Rounded Amazon Experts

Beyond our seller services Amazon expertise, we offer specialized services such as Amazon FBA consulting and Amazon AWS consulting. As the Amazon platform continuously evolves, you can be sure that Make Your Brandz adapts your strategy according to the best solutions available. We work with honesty and integrity and will always set realistic expectations for our clients.

Top-Tier Amazon AWS Consulting

Because AWS consulting involves a complex set of services, you should work with an Amazon Web Services consultant with a proven track record. With Make Your Brandz, you are guaranteed a partnership with a top AWS consulting firm that has been around from the day Web Services was founded in 2015. Your Amazon AWS consultant has an unmatched level of expertise, so trust your Amazon AWS consultant to find the solutions to propel your business.

Dedicated Amazon Account Specialist

Our Amazon account management services meet you where you are. If you need an Amazon account specialist to get you started on Amazon or to resolve hurdles in your Amazon strategy, our Amazon seller consultant can help. Every Amazon account specialist at Make Your Brandz is committed to being attentive to your needs and responsive at all times. Our goal is your 100 percent client satisfaction.

We Are eCommerce Experts

We use integrated eCommerce optimization, SEO, PPC and web design strategies to bolster your results and maximize your ROI. At Make Your Brandz, we have the people and eCommerce marketing expertise to offer enterprise-level Amazon account management services and support your large-scale Amazon brand management needs

We Stay Ahead of the Curve

Our Amazon consultants keep you ahead of the competition by taking a data-driven approach to improve your sales performance. We take advantage of the powerful analytics capabilities on Amazon to track your performance and act fast when there is a need to pivot your strategy. Trust Make Your Brandz to always be at the forefront of Amazon merchant services and AWS consulting services.

MYB Internet Marketing Agency is an Amazon agency committed to helping businesses maximize the powerful Amazon platform. Through expertise in Amazon marketing services and Amazon AWS consulting, we find the most cost-effective ways to increase your ROI and achieve your business goals.

Contact us today to talk to an Amazon seller consultant or Amazon Web Services consultant and discuss the right Amazon seller strategy and solutions for your business.