SMO Classes

Weekend classes

Detailed Syllabus of SMO Course:

Chapter 1: Overview of Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding the Social Media
  • Why Your Business require Social Media?
  • How to use Social marketing to create your business brand?
  • Defining and Implementing the Social Media Plan
  • Different Social Media Options
  • SEO Guidelines for Social Media Optimization
  • How to make money from SMO

Chapter 2: Social Networking and Bookmarking

  • Analyzing different Social Networks
  • Content Suited best for Social Networks
  • Importance of Social Bookmarking
  • Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • How to get your submissions and content shared by others?
  • Rules while “following” others in Social Networks

Chapter 3: Creating Blogs for Social Media Branding

  • Understanding Blogs
  • Setting up of Blogs on different Platforms
  • Blogspot, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr
  • Promotion of Blogs through Blog Commenting
  • Inserting Images, Videos and Content in Your Blog
  • Choosing best themes for your blog
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Your Blog Traffic through Google Analytics
  • Link Wheel Creation
  • Creating Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 with Several Blogs
  • Tagging in blogging
  • Creating Cloud Tags
  • How tagging helps in blogging

Chapter 4: Utilizing Groups & Question Answers Communities

  • Forum Commenting & Profile Making
  • Google & Yahoo Groups
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Other Question & Answer Communities

 Chapter 5: Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

  • What is RSS?
  • Advantages of Using RSS
  • Creating XML Files for RSS Feeds
  • Difference between RSS and Atom Feeds
  • Different tools for RSS Readers

Chapter 10: Pinterest Marketing

  • An introduction to Social Media and Pinterest in particular
  • What is Pinterest and why is it so different?
  • Who uses it, and for what?
  • How it works – the basics
  • How it works – marketing techniques
  • How it works – brand building and visibility
  • Integrating Pinterest with other platforms
  • How to use third part content to your advantage
  • Establishing and keeping followers
  • Encouraging conversation and engagement
  • Driving visitors to your website through Pinterest
  • Changing followers behavior through Pinterest
  • Third party tools and applications
  • Pinterest and legal implications
  • The sector in which you operate and Pinterest trends
  • Achieving your company/organisation goals on Pinterest

Chapter 6:  Facebook Marketing

  • Overview of Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook page creation instead of Account.
  • How to earn likes.
  • Building a Business brand over Facebook
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Apps
  • Understanding and creating Facebook Groups and Communities
  • Getting Facebook followers and Fans
  • Interacting with Customer using Facebook
  • Building Links Using Facebook
  • How to  make money with the help of facebook.
  • How to do marketing on a fan page?
  • How to engage fans on your fan page?
  • Facebook Posting / Sharing
  • Use of Hash Tags on Facebook
  • Black hat Facebook marketing
  • Best Facebook apps for marketing your fan page
  • Understanding Facebook groups
  • How to do marketing on Facebook groups?
  • Facebook marketing mix with other marketing platforms
  • Case studies on Facebook marketing

Chapter 7: Twitter Marketing

  • Overview of Twitter Marketing
  • Creating a brand name over Twitter
  • Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Twitter Tools to Manage Twitter
  • Achieve Your Business Goals with Twitter
  • Use of Hash Tags on Twitter
  • Case studies on twitter marketing

  Chapter 8: Linkedin Marketing

  • Overview of Linkedin Marketing
  • Establishing Connection with Linkedin
  • How to Grow Your Contacts over Linkedin
  • Creating groups in Linkedin
  • Creating Events in Linkedin
  • Company profile vs. individual profiles
  • Company Page Profile Creation
  • Services / Products Addition
  • Marketing on LinkedIn groups
  • Black Hat in LinkedIn
  • Understanding LinkedIn groups
  • How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups?
  • Case studies on LinkedIn marketing

Chapter 9:  YouTube Marketing

  • Importance of YouTube Marketing
  • How YouTube Works?
  • Using YouTube as a Social Media Marketing Tool
  • Utilizing the Video Embedding Features
  • How to Make Your Videos Viral?
  • Analyzing Your YouTube Insights

Chapter 11: Social Media Tools

  • URL shortening Tools
  • RSS Feed connecting tools
  • Buffer and Hootsuite Social Media tools
  • Image Sharing tools i.e. Google Picassa, Flickr, Photobucket etc.
  • Tools to Increase followers and Fans
  • Addmefast , like4like , likeasap etc