How Instagram helps you to build a business?


This online mobile photo-sharing platform that also facilitates social networking and video-sharing has taken the business world by storm. From a single platform, a user can share photos and videos on numerous other social networking sites. We are delving in the world of Instagram.

Business organizations can reach their target audience effectively through Instagram. They can use this platform as a visual advertising channel, and build their brands robustly in the long run. According to a recent survey, it has been revealed that compared to other social networking platforms, Instagram witnesses 25 percent more engagement. Whether it is displaying of products with brand logos or posting advertisement videos related to products and services, this platform can help businesses develop a big community and engage with them. Building awareness and broadcasting product or service information becomes easy with Instagram.

How can you use Instagram to build your business? Not ever user of this platform knows the tricks to effectively communicate with the target audience and increase a follower base. Here are few tricks:

  1. When you open an account, fill all the desired information requested. Add the logo of your organization, website, product image, office image, etc.
  2. Connect your Instagram account with all your other social networking accounts so that you get a ready audience from your already activated sites. Besides this will help you automatically share photos and videos on all other networking platforms from Instagram
  3. Engage with your audience by posting images and videos of everything related to your organization, right from products / services to events, office video tour, factory setup if any, and related paraphernalia.
  4. Use the right hash tags in for your photos to discover newer audiences and engaging with them.
  5. Photo filters do affect community engagement. Use preferred filters.
  6. Organizations that deal in food, FMCG, garments, and related business often offer discounts and host contests besides delivering gift coupons. Highlighting the same will only increase community engagement.
  7. Following back your followers will only help increase your community fast.
  8. To help you marketing strategy on Instagram work better, use apps that enhance your video-sharing and photo-sharing experience.
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