Are you following latest SEO trends?


Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is an indispensable term in the web world today. Almost every organization avails digital marketing services for their websites to promote their products and services to potential customers worldwide. SEO is that it has facilitated many organizations develop and grow their business fast in a highly competitive scenario. Inter-regional, interstate, and international business has seen a new dimension with online dealings and SEO has no wonder significantly facilitated it. Online buying and selling has become a popular phenomenon at present. Even business deals are materialized online!

Are you following the latest SEO trends? Where innovation is the buzzword and where newer solutions and trends are given shape, traditional search engine optimization won’t help. Here are a few points to be taken into consideration, viz. URL structure, keyword density, and unique content.

It is an IP address, which is a number that a computer uses to communicate with servers. It is this number that is turned readable by humans. This readable text is called the URL. A URL also identifies files related to a particular website. The structure of a URL should be such that it is brief as well as descriptive. The text chosen should be accurate, compelling, and relevant to the website. This is because when a visitor is about to visit a page, it is the URL that should convey everything about what is in the website. Generally, the structure of a website contains numerous levels of navigations and files. The URL should reveal the same.

Keywords play a significant role in giving a website or blog better ranking, more visibility and increasing visits. What should be the density of keywords in an article? The optimum density should be one to three percent with the use of LSI and semantic keywords. Over burden of keywords will only lead to the stamping of the article as spam or of low quality. The content of the article should be unique. It should be free from plagiarism. Uniqueness doesn’t only mean that it is not a duplicate one. It also means that it provides value in the context of serving the purpose of the article.

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